Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Simple Steps to Stay Motivated to Workout

People always ask me how I can wake up at 4:30 to go to the gym.. I mean 4:30am! That's insane! I never even thought I could do it. Now that I have been at it for 2 months, I think I've figured out a few key ways to maintain the routine! 

1.       Be intentional: In order to have a successful workout routine, you have to set which days  in the week you want to workout- so set your workout goals. If your goals are to workout 3 days a week, what are those? You should have them established on your weekly plan.
o    Example: My fitness goals are to workout 5 times per week, one hour per session. I will workout in the mornings because they are when I have the most time. My 5 days are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
2.       Decide what workout plan you want to follow: The first obstacle is actually starting your workout and the second is deciding what to do! Finding a routine that fits your lifestyle and goals is key! Some people just want to do cardio and a variety of gym classes, while others want to tone. Personally, I like a mix of weights and cardio. Cardio is not only running or going on the elliptical, but there are also a variety of different HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines that you can do either at home, or even at the gym. I've mentioned this before, but is one of my favorite sites to get fresh, daily workouts that you can do from home! You can also try blogilates workouts that are great, as well as any other video/Pinterest series. Whatever you choose your workout to be, DON'T let it be the same one every, single day because it gets B-O-R-I-N-G! You want to ensure that your workouts keep you having fun, and challenged.
o    Example: I still have a few pounds to shred, so I do cardio 5 days a week. I also know that by toning, it will burn fat, and I want to build muscle, so I do a weight routine 4 days per week. I love being outdoors, so I ensure that at least one of my cardio routines is outside.
3.       Find an accountability partner: This has been key to my success in waking up every morning, as well as staying on track with my meals. My accountability partner(s) have pushed me and made me feel like I cannot fail them because they rely on my strength. Once someone relies on your strength, you cannot be weak. Your accountability partner should know your workout schedule (if it isn't that you workout together), and encourage each other to get up, get dressed and get your booty to workout! They should also know your nutrition goals. They should send you pictures of their food, you send them the typical "donuts in the office.. HELP!", text so you keep each other strong. This makes you a stronger person, and makes your partner stronger. Once you know others are going through similar obstacles that you are, you know that you can live a healthier lifestyle and that you are in it together!

.. I didn't wake up until she called ..

        4.   Find a supportive community: Not only should you have someone that can be there with you, day in and day out, but also become part of a supportive community (or several)! My favorite communities are:
o    The "Burn This" App: This has become my FAVORITE go-to place for fitness and nutritional motivation because of everyone's results and dedication on the app. Picture an Instagram... BUT it's ALL about fitness. All you see in everyone's posts are: clean eating, great workouts, men and women inspiring each other, and even people asking each other for health and fitness advice! Not only are people in the community very involved and always posting, but there are prizes if you join their free challenges, and you get weekly emails on how to live healthier. I absolutely LOVE this app. It has also inspired me to start #StrongSweatySaturdays to help women reach their health and fitness goals! LINK to download app: | LINK to BurnThis website:

o    Tone it up Community: This is strictly a women's community which is also amazing! Women are dedicated to help each other with any question, at any time, and are committed to help each other. You can sign up for free weekly emails that include the weekly workout plan (I talked about that before), and you can plug into their Facebook groups in your area, and meet like-minded women in your area. 

o    Advocare community: Since I started my 24 day challenge, I was placed in a Facebook group of people that were also on the challenge and were posting their progress, recipes and encouragement. Since I've started building my business, I now am part of 4 Facebook groups, and have an immense amount of support to help me build my business and earn income. This supportive community has helped me earn $500 my first month (crazy, right!) and pushed me to live a healthy life that is aligned with the Company values.
      5.  Treat yourself!: That's right, you deserve it! Once you have set your goals, stuck to them, and hit them, you deserve a prize! You set the prize and if it is something that costs money (new pair of shoes) or something that is free (30 minute bubble bath to have alone time). Whatever you choose your treat to be, make sure that you DO IT! Hard work deserves to be rewarded, and not only does it make you feel good, but it pushes you to hit your next milestone and motivate you..... then, REPEAT! and stay consistent!

** PRO TIP: In order to increased results, find great workout supplements. Advocare's sparkthermo and catalyst have proven to be great for my metabolism, energy and muscle repair. I also use rehydrate right after and it helps replenish my body. 

**PRO TIP: Buy a heart-rate monitor that shows you the impact of your routine. I bought a Polar as a personal gift after I completed 100 miles (treat yourself!) and use it for every workout. I would definitely recommend it!

Your turn:

1.       Write down your fitness goals. Have you been sticking to them? If not, what will you do to ensure that you hit those goals?
2.       Do you have an accountability buddy? If not, who can you reach out to and ask to commit to a healthy lifestyle with you? If you do, have both of you been doing your job of being strong and supporting each other?
3.       Which community that I listed above would be of interest to you? I encourage you to be part of multiple communities because that crossover is very positive for your plans. Try them all out at first, then see what works for you!

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